Lionel Messi, Disease can't stop Him

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lionel Messi ImagesFull name : Lionel Andres Messi
Nickname : Leo
Place, Date of Birth : Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, June 24th 1987

Many peoples call him the next football superstar. In Netherlands 2005, he got The Golden Ball and The Golden Shoe at Football World Youth Championship, also The Best Young Player 2005 Italian Tuttosport magazine version.

When he 5th years old, Leo (Lionel Messi nickname) join Newell's Old Boys club in Rosario, Argentine. But when he 11st years old, Leo stop playing football because he have disease called hormone deficiency which disturbing his growth. Then in his 13rd years old, he and his family transmigrate to Barcelona, Spain. There, his father try to cure him. And Leo don't want to stay home, he join local football club. The Barcelona club heard him, so make a contract and paid for his recovery.

One of the football legend from Argentine Diego Maradona also praise Leo. "So glad knowing the greatest player in the world praise me. That give me spirits to keep learning and work hard", said Leo with respect.


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