Akita Inu [Akita Dog]

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Akita Inu / Akita Dog ImagesThe manga about travel dog Shibao, the dog is kind of Akita Inu. Akita which come from Akita prefecture, Japan. According to history and myth, Akita is the oldest species dog in Japan, which only raised by Shogun. This dog's hair was lots because its live in mountain, straight ears, rounded tail, strong, smart and suitable as guardian dog. Akita Inu well known as loyal dog to its master.

Hachi-Ko statue Images

Famous true story about Akita Inu is Hachi-Ko, an Akita owned Prof. Eizaburo Ueno which everyday went to pick up and dropping its master to Shibuya train station near its house. May 25th 1925, Hachi-Ko waiting its master go home in station like as also, but its master didn't come because Prof. Ueno got fatality stroke attack in his office. Even if its master died and it is took care by Prof. Ueno's family, for nine years Hachi-Ko is still everyday went and back to station as also, loyalty waiting to its master come. Its loyalty make it famous and after it death, people make Hachi-Ko bronze statue in station as honor. And at 1931 that Akita statue announced as Japan National Monument. Since then Akita dog species become nation dog and Japan's proud.


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