Naruto : Ultimate Ninja

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Naruto Ultimate Ninja PS2 ImagesPlatform : PS2
Publisher : Bandai
Developer : CyberConnect2
Genre : Fighting
ESRB : T (Teenager)

Usually, the fighting game made from Japanese anime disappointed the gamers. So that, the maker of Naruto : Ultimate Ninja making different from the others because this game made with famous license, nice design, and must be make you satisfy.

Naruto Ultimate ScreenShot Images

Just like most of fighting games, this game also divide into some of mode, such as ; Free Battle, Scenario, Mission, and more. For the attack, there also has standard attack and special attack. In this game also give more unique action.

Ultimate Ninja give more than styles and fighting mechanism although this game is less in fighting genre. But, for the fans of Naruto series and manga must be delight with the extra summaries and the characters.



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