Shibao, the Travel Dog

Friday, November 30, 2007

Shibao cover ImagesCreator : Tsubasa Nunoura

Shibao is an independent dog, never belong in just one place, and don't know why, it dont like to be pet. Summary, Shibao is a stray dog.

Shibao...very funny. This is one reason why high school students, employees, murderers, maybe until ghost want to see the act of this tiny dog. Shibao itself, with sweet face, interest peoples attention, so it get foods. Of course, human being as a creature that refers to love everything nice, there also for sweet dog, no doubt to give everything for Shibao.

Shibao1 Images

Shibao2 Images

This manga have deep mean to society. The story, from road to road, tell about simple activity. The peoples who lived in the city have high consumerism so they have selected the category about what should they do.


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