Sissy Priscillia, Acting is Number Two

Friday, November 30, 2007

Sissy Prescillia ImagesFull Name : Lyssies Prescillia
Nickname : Sissy
Place, Date of Birth : Jakarta, April 5th 1985
Hobbies : Swimming, Singing

Success in acting can make people to be famous and rich. But for Sissy, there more important thing beside acting. She also rejected an offer to play in theater movie.

Sissy Prescillia Images

Um, if heard Sissy said, make us curious. Sissy love to her university. "I very like design. I'm serious be a designer. I would not belong in entertain forever. So I also want to have skill that can result something.", said the college girl.

She respond usual to her friends carrier in entertainment. She don't jealous to them and she haven't bad think about that. She is really unbeatable fun girl!


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