Richa Novisha, Don't Like Chaser Boys

Friday, December 7, 2007

Richa Novisha ImagesFull Name : Richa Novisha
Nickname : Icha
Place, Date of Birth : Jakarta, November 6th 1985
Hobbies : Browsing, Traveling

Richa Novisha who usually called Icha really selected in chose a boyfriend. She don't want to respect for boys who over act to her. She don't like boys who call and send SMS much time.

Richa Novisha Images

Many boys want to keep in touch with her, but she rater they go than they acting to her. The tipe of boys whom she like is cool boys but not shy boys. "The point is he must make me curious. Cool not shy. I know from their body-language", she said.


Tanakwagu said...

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