The Girl of Harry's Dream : Cho Chang (Katie Leung)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Katie and Emma ImagesFull Name : Katie Liu Leung
Place, Date of Birth : Scotland, August 8th 1987
Height : 165 cm
Parents : Peter Leung and Kar Wai Li
Siblings : Two Brothers and One Sister

Katie Leung Cho Chang Images

At the time she was choose as Cho Chang, many of Harry Potter's fans (or exactly, Daniel Radcliffe's fans) mock her. Katie Leung maybe don't have acting background, she just an Asian girl. But surely, the success beating approximately 3,000 girls that participated audience to fill Cho Chang character, not just she get by her luck. Not only has beautiful face, she also smart, decent, and according to her friends, she is a true friend.


oddindia said...

good one!!!
try to come

Logan Knight said...

Harry im so sorry cho didnt go to the ball with you yal are
perfect for each other

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