Spider Lilies, Ci Qing

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Spiderlilies Movie ImagesCast : Rainie Yang, Isabella Leong, John Shen, Jay Shih, Yi Han Chen, Hsieh Pang Han
Director : Zero Chou
Language : Mandarin, Japanese
Release Date : Taiwan, March 29th 2007. Germany, February 14th 2007 (Berlin International Film Festival). Hong Kong, April 12th 2007.

Jade (Rainie Yang) is a cybersex web-cam girl that lived by give online services to mans and get paid from it. Someday, she went to tattoo studio, the owner is Takeko (Isabella Leong). And then, she make poisoned flower tattoo on Jade's arm. The tattoo is for a tragedy symbol and show that she is a lesbian.

Spider Lilies Movie Images

Unknown by tattoo's maker, she want to wake Takeko's feeling that were sleep for a long time. Actually, she and Jade have been meet ten years ago when Jade still nine years old and truly fall in love with her. Jade feel get the second chance and then have strong-will to get her first love.

This movie is a first Taiwan movie that success to get "Best Lesbian/Gay Award" in Berlin Film Festival.


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