The Great Merchant, Xian Online

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Xian Online ImagesPublisher : JoyOn
Developer : Boleh Game
Genre : MMORPG
Official site :
Although Xian Online is a game with MMORPG genre but the main feature isn't sword fighting and monsters. More to trading feature that make complex. Here, players will feel different trading than other online games. You not just sell and buy but also be a rich merchant who have investment that raise continues.

Xian screen Images
In this game, the main purpose isn't become a high level hero, but how to be one who see because the own. Many things you can do here such as open job to another players, investment in all of the city, and finally become the ruler of the town. Before start the game, you will ask to create a character, there is merchants from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China.


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