Bet On Soldier

Monday, December 31, 2007

Bet on soldier box ImagesPublisher : Digital Jesters
Developer : Kylotonn
Genre : Action
Platform : PC

Bet On Soldier is FPS game which probably surprise you. The story is in the future and the act is fast. When the world full with mercenaries, a competition named Bet On Soldier created for entertain them. The competition concept is simple, you choose a mission, choose mercenary whom will be hunt, then kill them and get rewards.

Bet on soldier Images
The weapons you used is fictive and futuristic. Although still looks like nowadays weapons. The weapons option such handgun, assault rifle, and chain gun. To get that, you must buy weapon and other accessories. Just looking for bus station around to buy that. This game used full support from graphic feature Direct X 9. The result must be great.


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