Thursday, December 27, 2007

Savage Cover ImagesPublisher : iGames
Developer : S2 Games
Genre : Action
Platform : PC
ESRB : E (Everyone)

Are PC gamers usual play multi player from FPS and RTS genre? Here is the game combination from both genre. This game is set fantasy style, and take a place where human being destroy them world by technology. They lived peacefully until then show new race named Beast Horde where try to eliminate us.

Savage Images
Then, the last group of humans whose survive try to collect power by adopt technology that have been worked in the ancient. The game play is base on team and view as FPS. All of group is fight in a computer server. There is a commander in a team, its RTS skill need to be this act. The commander ordering workers to collect resources and give job to team member. Is it interesting, isn't it? Just try the game.


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