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Gintama cover ImagesCreator : Sorachi Hideaki

Samurai no Kuni, Edo. Once upon a time, the Edo's town authorized by the comer from out world called Amanto. The land is authorized and all of the samurai is not allowed to use sword again. For survive, Shimura Shinpachi who dedicated by his father to be the samurai forced work at beverages shop. Then he meet Sakata Gintoki there, and because of him, Shinpachi suspect as murderer of the guest of that shop.

He chase Gintoki, then Shinpachi's big sister named Otae hold Gintoki. When interrogate in Shinpachi's dojo, Gintoki admission as Yorozuya (freelancer) who work for doing anythings. Suddenly, the creditor come to press for payment of the late father. Because of they can't pay, the creditor give two option; give the dojo or Shinpachi's sister be a mans servant. Then Otae decided to be a slave. Gintoki help Shinpachi to rescue Otae also destroy the prostitute business. Since that time, Shinpachi join Gintoki be Yorozuya.

Gintama Images
The fact, Gintoki is Shiro Yasha who couple years ago have big act in the war against Amanto. The other characters, such as; Yato Kagura, Katsura Kotarou, Joui.

Also released special anime: Gintama - Nanigato mo Saishou ga Kanjin nanode Tashou Senobisuru kurai ga Choudo yoi.


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