Black Jack - Futari no Kuroi Isha

Thursday, January 31, 2008

black jack anime cover ImagesOne of famous manga creator Osamu Tezuka who well known as "The God of manga", now is the son turn named Makoto Tezuka to directed a movie from his father creation titled Black Jack : Futari no Kuroi Isha have mean "The Two Black Doctors".

black jack anime Images
The stories focus on the fighting between Doctor Black Jack against his rival named Doctor Kiriko. Storied a pharmacy company building destroy caused boomed by a criminal agent. A women wound because of that blow, and after checked, it said she can't recovery. A son of that women ask Black Jack to operation her, but that women become brave-less and ask to Kiriko to end her own life because she won't be the charge of her son. Black Jack : Futari no Kuroi Isha produced by Yomiuri TV.


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