Korea-made online games flying into the world on Coca-Cola

Monday, January 14, 2008

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on 'GNGWC 2007') -- The world-famous Coca-Cola and Korean online games entered into a partnership.

Korea SW Industry Promotion Agency (KIPA) plans to work with Coca-Cola in Hong Kong to market Korea-made online games on the Global Service Platform (GSP) and promote Korea-made online games in the global market.

For this purpose, KIPA dispatched Vice President Taek Min Kwon of the Digital Contents Business Group and working staff to Hong Kong and signed an MOU on joint promotion with Coca-Cola Hong Kong (General Manager Mei So) on the 15th. Korea-made online games will be marketed to Coca-Cola consumers in Hong Kong on the online platform.

To start the joint marketing, KIPA will exchange banners on www.gameengame.com, which introduces Korea-made online games, and www.icoke.hk with Coca-Cola.

Korea-made online game makers on the GSP platform will be permitted to make rare items using Coca-Cola’s brand and images and use its logo and brand in the games.

As the global partner of Korea-made online games, Coca-Cola Hong Kong will link its Homepage (www.icoke.hk) to a Webpage of GSP-based games with various images and motion pictures from the games. Also, members of the Coca-Cola Homepage will receive regular e-mail ads.

KIPA’s strategy is to use this MOU and the brand name of world-famous Coca-Cola to contribute to the global awareness of Korea-made online games and to utilize Coca-Cola’s powerful offline marketing know-how in the online media for maximum synergies.

GSP is KIPA’s special program to sponsor Korea-made online game exporters in the global market. Through this program, KIPA sponsors small/medium companies that lack resources or capital to promote distribution or marketing overseas. KIPA provides www.gamengame.com that is open to any gamer in the world, along with the privilege to use all infrastructures, including the servers, for six months.

According a KIPA official, more than 5 million gamers a year are accessing www.gamengame.com to play Korea-made games in the world.

Source Aving.net


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