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Friday, November 23, 2007

Emmanuelle Vaguier Biography ImagesEmmanuelle Vaugier is busier than ever filming feature films and television series throughout North America. In September 2007, she will begin production in Philadelphia for the feature film ‘Baton’ where she will star opposite Peter O’Toole. ‘Baton’, set in the 1960s during the Vietnam War, is about a high school relay team that goes on to win a relay championship and the racial relations between two characters that are Quakers, one that is black and one that is Jewish. The story’s lead character, Sean Easely, is a Quaker played by Ross Thomas, who leaves his home town to live in Montreal with the World Peace Organization leader, played by Peter O’Toole.

Emmanuelle just wrapped a starring role in Uwe Boll’s next feature film ‘Fry Cry’ with Germany’s leading man Til Schewiger. Emmanuelle plays reporter Valerie Constantine hired to investigate mysterious reports. ‘Far Cry’ is an adaptation of the first-person-shooter video game where Jack Carver (Schweiger), a retired Special Forces Officer, is now a transport-for--hire. On one particular trip, Jack ferries 'Valerie' (Vaugier) a photographer who wants to photograph old Japanese WW2 bases on some of the Micronesian islands. He goes through hell when his boat is attacked and destroyed by an unknown party while Valerie is away. Surviving by the skin of his teeth, he must now find Valerie and uncover what is truly happening on these dark and mysterious islands.

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