Kyoko Fujikawa, Horse Race been Favorite Shows in Japan

Monday, November 26, 2007

Kyoko Fujikawa ImagesBy Sega, this sport making to a simulation game "Derby Tsuku". In newest series of this game, the gamers can improved the horse. Kyoko Fujikawa become this Game Girl.

Since she was teenager, she fascinated to horse race until now. To the horse that strong, the jockey that fight hard, the horse's coach, and the attendant that focused. So many feel that fill only in just a race.

Kyoko Fujikawa edited Images

Before become game girl, she became an author of sport web-site. Because of her beautiful face and her sexy body, she become a model in a big agency. And she more famous caused of her popularity. She so glad to promote "Derby Tsuku", how maniac horse she was?

One hope from Kyoko Fujikawa, "Wish by Derby Tsuku games, more peoples love to horse race. Truely, its fun!", she said.


Sani said...

wah .. blog baru ya mas ?

Ocha said...

Hm... blog baru neh? selamat deh. aku pasang linknya di friends listku bagian atas yah "Blog Entertainment".

Sani said...

Sudah di add mas .. ttp semangat ya..

Anonymous said...

She's a chakuero model

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