hack-Another Birth

Sunday, November 25, 2007

hack//Another Birth cover ImagesCreators : Kawasaki Miu, Kadokawa Shoten

Do you still remember to game ".hack" where the hero named Kite? If remember, next question is; Do you remember to Kite's partner who always ready alongside although herself so scared? Right. Who else if not Black Rose. Another Birth is novel made from game version ".hack" which see from Black Rose side.

hack//Another Birth Images

The name of Black Rose in real world is Hayami Akira, a first class high school girl who live with parents and two little brothers. One day, her first brother, Fumikazu as Kazu suddenly unconscious and don't wake up for much time when he played famous online game, The World. With Kazu's datas, Akira make an account named Black Rose, because of her dream and looking for the caused of her brother. Then she meet Kite on that game.

This novel containing 4 episodes and already translate to English by Tokyo Pop.


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