Man On Fire

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Man On Fire cover ImagesCreasy (Denzel Washington) is a x secret agent who hired to be rich Mexico family's bodyguard. The main job is to protect a little daughter, Pita (Dakota Fanning), because in that country often kidnapping with motive extortion. Pita being a target of kidnappers whose cooperate with corrupt cops. In an attack, Creasy fall down by a bullet, he saw Pita take from his side. And bad thing, the money pirate by another criminals so the kidnappers angry and kill the girl. Then, only one thing that Creasy want, track and finish all of that criminals.

Man On Fire Images
Although the theme is revenge, but there another thing. Actually Pita is nothing for him but the little girl is so pure to make relation with him. Before, Creasy is lost his life purpose and then he feel the meaning of life again. So, its feel not much if Creasy won't give up. Maybe, many critics from the country because the revenge action full of enjoy not with emotion. Denzel Washington show calm and cool as an angel of death.


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