CivCity Rome

Thursday, December 6, 2007

CivCity Rome cover ImagesPlatform : PC
Publisher : 2K Games
Developer : FireFly Studio / Firaxis
Genre : Simulation
ESRB : E (Everyone)

In this game, you not only build a city, later after you make your city for farm needs, water, and textile, you may also give them with education, relaxation, and entertainment. Make sure to society get access for all commodity needed.

CivCity Rome screen Images

The graphic in this game is nice, although it is bright enough and less color, but there many life and additional characters. Also have a window for spying daily live at Rome. But the point of view is uncleared you just can watch peoples at street and big building. The sound effect is good like a real city, complete with noise and live there. And the sound of your own peoples is so exciting, they will comment as Romanian.


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