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sweetsVocals: Kashiwagi Akiko (Aki)
Vocals: Yoshimura Ayaka (Aya)
Vocals: Iwasaki Mai
Vocals: Takewa Haruna
Vocals: Takimoto Miori

Started: 2002
Status: Active


Avex held an audition in 2002 to form a group called SweetS. They were looking for 5 girls ages 12-13. Once chosen, they would be trained for a year to improve their singing and dancing and then they will hopefully debut.

The winners were Kashiwagi Akiko (also called Aki), Yoshimura Ayaka (also called Aya), Iwasaki Mai, Takewa Haruna, and Takimoto Miori, all born around 1990-91.

They debuted in 2003 with "LolitA*Strawberry" and are gaining popularity even being voted as the best band in "CD-DATA", a popular J-Music magazine, in 2004. They mostly do pop but are testing out new waters with a techno-ish feel to their music.

Aya and Aki took a 6 month break from the group to prepare for the high school entrance exams and will rejoin the group to release their tenth single in March.



SweetS is a cute band. All of the girls are so young, that its kinda ridiculous. If you listen to them, their vocals are just as good as Morning Musume and other idol pop groups. They also have some cute, catchy songs too. I think as they get more experienced, they will get even better.

source jmignited.com


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