BLEACH - part 1

Monday, September 15, 2008

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.NetIchigo Kurosaki, 15 years old high school student, had special ability. He could see ghosts, even can touch and speak with them. He lived normal life as a high school student and as oldest son, until he met a Shinigami (Death God) named Kuchiki Rukia and he must fight a monster called Hallow which attacking his family. Rukia trying to protect them, but she fatally wound and the only way to save Ichigo and his family is Ichigo must become substitude Shinigami and from now on, the long battle begin.


Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.NetIchigo Kurosaki - He had biggest Reiatsu (spirit power) in his family. He lived with his father and two sisters, Karin and Yuzu. Karin has big Reiatsu but she didn't believe in ghosts, so she think as they're not exist. Ichigo's father always did ridiculous things, but who knows he had big secret.

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.NetKuchiki Rukia - She work as Shinigami. Shinigami jobs are to send 'plus' spirits, known as ghosts to Soul Society and slay Hollow. Slaying Hollow means clean its sin and send it to Soul Society. Rukia had step brother named Kuchiki Byakuya.

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.NetInoue Orihime - Ichigo's classmate. She loved Ichigo, but he didn't notice that. Someday she will help Ichigo in battlefield.

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.NetTatsuki Arisawa - Ichigo's classmate and childhood friend. She's tomboy, and always protect Inoue because she had karate ability (Dan 2nd).

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.NetYasutora Sado (Chad) - He had giant power, but he use his power to protect other peoples. His first met with Ichigo was when he beaten because he is too strict Ichigo felt the same way because his hair so he help Sado and call him Chad. Since that, Chad very loyal to Ichigo and sure to help him anythings.

Former Enemies

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.NetKon (Kaizou Konpaku - Modified Soul) - He is the only one who survived from Soul Society. At the begining, Soul Society make a research to modify soul to fight hollow. This soul was prepared with special ability. But then, Soul Society ordered to destroy all of modified soul. Because of luck, he survived after exchanged with other pills. He can't let others die because of his experience. He loved girls, because he is Ecchi, but he always kicked because of his Gigai ^_^ .

Free Image Hosting At ImageCows.NetIshida Uryuu - He is the last Quincy clan. He hate all of Shinigami, but that's not because the old story from the clan. It is because his teacher both his grandfather died of hollow attack, and Shinigami too late to help. He still doesn't like Shinigami, but he sure to help Ichigo when he needs help.

to be continued ...


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